Left picture caption: “Nanaya’s photomanipulation work Exblosion”. Right picture caption: “Artist Nanaya and her digital artwork I feel”.

Pop-art exhibition

Newspaper article by Pohjois-Satakunta 13.8.2013. Ikaalinen, Terhi Palonen

“Artist Nanaya’s works can be seen this month in Gallery Kehysmarkku in Vanha kauppala. Young artist who uses the name Nanaya is from Turku’s neighbouhood village Vahto. She is 2th year student in Ikaalinen college of crafts and design. Field of studies is graphic design. Nanaya has been making art from her early childhood.

– Even in elementary school I was making art for sale. Creating art is passion for me and I want to evolve myself all the time.

The exhibition in Ikaalinen is her first own exhibition but previously she has been participating in other group exhibitions. In Kehysmarkku gallery people can see lithography works, acrylic paintings, mixed media art, digital art, jewelry and decory. Nanaya’s art range is very large and has works eg. jewelry, clothes, comics and storybooks. She does lot of art orders too.

– I want to make dreams come true. Usually I get art orders about designing company brandings. I do graphic design, art works and craft orders based to customers’ wishes. I’m available for short and long term projects.

Artist’s works can be seen on her website”



Picture caption: “At the opening day Maria Saraketo (summer worker) and Pauliina Koivula-Rautjoki (The van owner) are starting the working.”

Summer begins from ice cream

Newspaper article by Pohjois-Satakunta 18.6.2013. Ikaalinen, Karoliina Laikio.

“In Kauppala, Ikaalinen has arrived an ice cream van at previous week’s 12. Wednesday. The blue ice cream van with polar bears has gathered curious people even before the opening. According to the ice cream van owner Pauliina Koivula-Ratjoki the van is designed and painted by Ikaalinen college of crafts and design student Anna Hämäläinen (Nanaya).

– We wanted the van to be more unique than others are. With a blue base paint the ice cream van is more eye catching than traditional ice cream vans.

The van really has unique looks and that’s what everyone has waited for to Ikaalinen. Because Ikaalinen hasn’t had an official ice cream van Koivula-Rautjoki had that reason in her mind to open one.

– Ikaalinen was missing an ice cream van so this kiosk certainly brings that summer feeling here.

Last year Koivula-Rautjoki get the idea of an ice cream van.

– The van is old army van what I happened to saw last autumn.

The van has had total makeup over and nobody couldn’t know what it’s original form has been. Every surfaces is re-painted. Also a fridge and freezer has been bought in. Plumbing and running water finishes good hygiene. Cash register works and people can buy with a credit cards.
In front of the van is two small tables and four chairs. More of them will come later if needed. Umbrellas will come later too. Koivula-Rautjoki wonders that at least few of people will go to a near park to eat their ice creams.

Ice cream choises are traditional but there is also new flavour called Fazerina that can be bought right away. List of ice creams has eg. strawberry, liquor, chocolate and vanilla. If someone wants to have something besides ice creams there is also popsicles, juices and sodas. According to Koivula-Rautjoki supply list will be upgraded during summer with top asked products. In summer there will also come ice cream dishes. The van is open to start of August.”