Kurpan taksi Oy


Photo shoot / Website / Brand imago / Copywriting

Kurpan taksi is taxi company in Finland that needed a website to strengthen their business more because government was going to open the taxi market regulations in summer 2018. I made website design, coding and photo shot Kurpan taksi Oy’s cars to create compelling feeling of care and luxury. Kurpan taxi got overwhelming stream of customers after launch that it needed to hire more taxi drivers. When I was making this brand I figured out that most of his competitors just had plain self made websites with basic info when actually people sometimes are very precise about car types, atmosphere and services.


www.kurpantaksi.fi is responsive minimalist website done in WordPress. Customer wanted minimalist feeling with structures. When I asked what kind of services they does and what customers has been liking them. He said people loves their new shiny cars. And even some matured ladies who normally are very picky what taxi they use, so that their style and reputation wouldn’t get harmed, likes their services and cars. Those were the things that inspired me to brand Kurpan taksi as a luxury taxi service company. In the header image can be seen Kurpan taksi company’s main services quickly with one blink of an eye. Also contact information is always clearly positioned in left side which is one of the points where western people look first after top area (comes from our reading orientation what is top to down and left to right).

kurpan taksi website

Photo shooting

Cars were photo shooted at sunny day in customer’s property which caused me to edit some
trees and other reflections out of the cars.