Nitro Advertisement company


Digital and print products / websites / Brochures / Roll ups  / Video / Animation


Nitro advertising company is owned by TS. It’s customers are medium and big size companies in Finland and around the world. I was working in Nitro 2017 and my working area was to create digital- and print products eg. posters, catalogs, data bank updating, websites and event materials.


SATEL is an IT company which has outsourced all of their advertising material to Nitro. I helped to achieve SATEL’s daily needs by creating eg. brochures, website updates and roll up.

SATEL brochure

SATEL event roll up


OOKSÄSE? was Nitro’s campaign to get new models for advertising ads. I almost made all of the material to the campaign eg. UI-design for digital form to website, brochures, information sheets and ad banners. I also gave my all in the photo shoot event helping every where I could.

ootsase? flyers

nitro casting landing page


Nitro’s biggest global customer (who I can’t talk about much because of NDA is one of the well known and richest companies in the world) needed animation advertising to spread around the globe. I animated those advertisements using After Effect program. Customer was very pleased with the work and asked
for more.

Other companies that I worked for were eg. Ahlsell and Eerikkilä.

ahlsell fb cover experttipaiva

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