FC Inter mascot


This project isn’t traditional or digital game
related but it shows my style variety.

When I was working in advertising company
Happening, one of my tasks was to create new
maskot for finnish FC Inter football team and make
all content about it’s appealing in Finnish media. Mascot
needed to be more sparkling and gunning than they
usually are to resemble more passionate football fans.

An animal styled mangust and raven were first mascot
choises. Then idea evolved that it could resemble FC Inter
team’s owner. Final and finished version presents normal
passionated football fan.


Mascot’s Facebook profile

Mascot got his own Facebook profile which had the look like this
mascot could be real person and keep posting photos and posts
about himself, football and FC Inter team as a fan. I almost had
to make new post picture for him every day in Happening.
Sometimes mascot wated for football game to start and counted
days before it and other times keeps talking if the day’s weather
could ruin game or not.


Other using purposes for the mascot

Mascot was used in other forms than in Facebook. It got a cardboard stand of him in FC Inter team’s stadium. The cardboard mascot was human sized and people liked to take pictures with it. Mascot was also used in stadium’s recycling bin decorations and posters.



Mascot needed to have other football fans too which can be seen as blue lined drawing in previous spread but the idea never got finished.

Mascot also get to ”visit” famous celebrity Arman Alizadi. Arman posed in picture and then maskot was edited in it like they would be having group selfie.

Under in previous page can be seen second round of designs of the mascot which was created based on doodles and description of his planned temperament that I got
from FC Inter.

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