About the artist

I’m Anna Hämäläinen graphic designer with versatile skills and projects for +10 years. I’m working in digital and print fields and adapting well to busy changing deadlines and working types eg. agile and lead working. I like to honor my skills in freetime and give my all for a clients and efficiently solve their problems.

I have started my  training and art business in elementary school and graphic design business in around middle and high school before graduating from graphic design school with top grades (degree as an digital- and print designer).

I work best while using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. I can work by myself or in a team. I can also work through internet because I have all needed programs and small photo shooting studio. People agree with me when I describe myself with my motto: “Creating things is my obsession. My work is my pleasure.”



  • Ikaalisten käsi- ja taideteollinen
    IKATA (Graphic design degree) 2014
  • Kastu and Turun Suomalaisen
    yhteiskoulu TSYKS highschools
    (art orientated) 2011
  • Many Japanese language courses
  • Game pro game industry course 2018



Usually people likes my working and are very pleased but one of my important referees are:



(Listed only graphic design related works to companies.)

  •  Empirica Oy, (2018 ongoing, AD) UI, assets, websites
  • Chiller shark / Artplan Oy, (2018 ongoing, AD)Game design, graphics and UI
  •  Kurpan taksi Oy, (2018 fixed-duration)Website design and coding. Photo shooting taxi company’s cars.
  • Nitro, advertising company (2017 fixed-duration) Medium and big companies eg. Eerikkilä, Ahlsell and Satel. Websites, rollups, posters, videos, animations and brochures.
  • Tiuku, painotalo (2017 fixed-duration) Big to small vehicle stickers, tarps, shirt printing and other print products.
  • Sotakone/Ratasnoppa Oy (2016, 2018 fixed-duration) Business cards, figure game mats, shirt printing.
  • Finess energy Oy (2016 fixed-duration) Website updates, marketing brochures, convention stands, flyers and large posters.
  • Mind offer (2015-2016, AD) Website designs for customers and Mind offer’s own website design and brand imago.
  • Bugbyte Oy (2014) Game graphics, illustrations, advertising, character design, book design and UI design.
  • Vahtorock festival (2014 fixed-duration) Logo, t-shirt print, website design and code.
  • Happening advertising company (2014 fixed-duration) Websites, illustrations, logos, events, flyers,mascot, advertising etc. to Finland’s biggest festivals: DBTL, Gangut Regatta and other companies like Caribia spa.
  • Kallen kello ja koru Oy (2014 fixed-duration) Website design and coding.
  • Poppeli Oy (2013 fixed-duration) Christmas banner for company’s website.
  • Sanmina Oy (2013 fixed-duration) Large scale printed banners for an event.
  • Keskikastari (2013 fixed-duration) A logo for the company.
  • Mainospaino Salonen Oy (2013 fixed-duration) Website design and coding, graphic design, making of print products.
  • Vesamittarit Oy (2012-2013 fixed-duration) Website design and some of the coding, product photo shooting.
  • Tukena Oy (2012 fixed-duration) Traditional illustration signs.
  • Taidegalleria Inter (2012 fixed-duration) Traditional and digital graphic design eg. digital and traditional commercials, prochures and updating website, art valuation, repairing art.
  • Litokuljetus Oy (2012 fixed-duration) Logo for the company.
  • Rakennus J.Hämäläinen Oy (2010-2015) Website design and coding, information design, brochures, print design for shirts, new logo and illustrations.
  • Mega tarra Oy (2010 fixed-duration) Motorcycle sticker designs.
  • Rockseri Oy, Shirt print illustrations.



  • Metso, Finland, Tampere, 2014 (Digital Painting)
  • Gallery Kehysmarkku, Finland, Ikaalinen, whole month 8.2013 (Own art exhibition)
  • Italia ja meri exhibition, Finland, Turku, Turku library 2011 (Traditional painting)
  • Art gallery Funkraami, Finland, Turku 2011-2013 (Aquarelle paintings)



  • Tracon 2017 (vendor)
  • Alice in wonderland 2017 Northern countries lolita fashion event (fashion show and vendor)
  • Tracon 2016 (vendor)
  • Hellocon 2016, Northern countries biggest lolita fashion event (fashion show and vendor)
  • Making of Vahtorock festival 2014 (logo, website and t-shirt design)
  • Making of DBTL 2014 (website and other advertisement)
  • Making of Gangut Regatta 2014 (website and other advertisement)
  • Making of Turun Taiteiden yö 2014 (website and other advertisement)
  • Global Game Jam, Finland, Turku 2014 (participated as graphic designer)
  • Kikucon, Finland, Turku 2011 summer (vendor)